Saturday, September 11, 2010

At Matt's wedding.....

Doin' the Puyallup....

We had fun at the fair with Omi and Opa=)

1st Family Trip....Crescent Bar!!!

At 5 weeks, we took Sadie to Eastern Wa. We had so much fun! Both our mom's were there and Shipley, Jaci and Little Ship! Sadie got to meet her cousin for the first time=) We can't wait for them to be older and play together!

This is what I saw when I crawled into bed one night....

Our nephew is the cutest!
Jaci and I had the same dress without even knowing it!

Auntie Shamy got Sadie these sun glasses=) Sadie didn't mind wearing them!
Sadie constantly likes to be held.....even if mom is folding laundry=)

On Sadie's 1 month, we went to go visit Grandpa's grave. We know that he is watching Sadie from Heaven!