Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work Shower....

My girl co-workers threw me a shower at my favorite resturant...MARZANO'S! It is this cute Italian resturant by PLU. They had a seperate room reserved and a cake from Marzano's made for me:) They really spoiled Sadie and are so excited for us! The next day, the company surprised me with the car seat we wanted=)

Elizabeth & Taylor's shower!!!!

Lizzy and Taylor really made this shower beautiful! They got all pink and green flowers and had yummy food! My sister's are going to be the best aunties and Sadie will be so lucky to have them in her life! Love you girls!

Monday, June 21, 2010

30 Weeks!!!

Only 10 more to go!!!

Cresent Bar....

Only one last time vacationing in Cresent Bar before Miss Sadie is with us! Can't wait!

Holly & Heather's Shower....

This was such a special shower! It was hosted by Shane’s aunt Holly and cousin Heather. They are so sweet and did such a great job! The food was amazing! Heather made a huge diaper cake full of fun things for Sadie! I have never seen one so big! It was so fun to have so many family members there=) I loved it! Thank you Holly and Heather!

Nicole, Martha, Angela & Brigitte's Shower....

To me continued.....Nicole, Martha, Angela & Brigitte’s Shower…..

These girls made me feel SOooo special! They really personalized the shower with all the details! There were blocks on the food table spelled S-A-D-I-E, onesies made for Sadie, a beautiful diaper cake, pink flowers all over the house and not to mention the gorgeous carriage cake! They really spent a lot of time to make every detail perfect! Thank you SO much girls for making me feel so loved! I am lucky to have you in my life!

Mom & Ellen's Shower.....

Mom and Ellen threw me a beautiful shower! The weather was perfect=) The theme for the shower was in Sadie's nursery, pink and white. They made every detail perfect with those colors! It was such a fun shower! Thank you Mom and Ellen!

SADIE'S room!!!

We are so excited to finally have the nursery complete! Now we are on the count down for her to come!